Failure to meet divest aim may perpetuate fiscal crisis

The government's failure to meet its disinvestment target year after year could perpetuate the "fiscal crisis" due to a low tax-to-GDP ratio, says economist Rathin Roy. "This Budget has managed the fiscal crisis; it has not solved or resolved the fiscal crisis."

Rupee seen firm at 81.63/$1 Feb-end as dlr loses steam

The rupee is likely to appreciate against the dollar in February due to a broad-based weakness in the greenback as the US Federal Reserve is approaching the end of its rate-hike cycle.

Gold may struggle in Feb as focus on Fed rate hikes

Gold prices may struggle to maintain the momentum this month due to the dollar's rise against major currencies and worries that the US Fed will continue to raise rates in the future.

Prices of key food items may remain stable in 2023

Prices of key food items, including vegetables and pulses, are likely to remain stable in 2023 due to prudent policy management by the government, Consumer Affairs Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh tells Informist in an interview.

Gross amount raised via CPs down 20% in January

The gross amount raised in January through commercial papers declined 19.7% from a month ago as redemptions were less during the month, which meant a lower need for funds to roll over the maturing debt by companies.

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