Board Members

Board Members

Pankaj Aher

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Pankaj Aher is a financial journalist-turned-entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience. Pankaj started his career on the copy desk with the Financial Express in 1991, went into reporting in 1993, before moving to Business Standard where he wrote features for The Money Manager from 1994 to 1996. Thereon, he moved to Dow Jones Newswires in 1996 and to BridgeNews in 1998.
Pankaj was the founder and later the CEO of CRISIL MarketWire, India’s first real-time financial news agency, owned by the ratings agency CRISIL. After Standard & Poor’s acquired CRISIL, Pankaj and his colleagues took the CMW team and business and founded NewsWire18 Ltd., India's first real-time financial news and market data platform company, under the aegis of TV18/Network18 Ltd.
In 2012, when Network18 decided to exit NewsWire18, Pankaj along with the other co-founders facilitated the transition of majority ownership to Samara Capital, a sector-agnostic PE fund. The entire management team and staff of NewsWire18 made a seamless transition to the rechristened entity, Cogencis Information Services Ltd. In January 2021, NSE Data & Analytics Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India, acquired Cogencis. Cogencis is now a wholly-owned, step-down subsidiary of the NSE. At this point, Pankaj set up Informist Media to house the news service that was earlier Cogencis news, NewsWire18 news, and CRISIL MarketWire news, as a standalone business.



Surekha is an entrepreneur, who has been successfully running her pathology lab in Dombivli for the last 25 years. She is the founder-director of Indian EcoLogic Foundation, an NGO that works on wildlife and environmental conservation. Surekha is an avid traveller and has visited several wildlife sanctuaries in India. She actively participates in social initiatives, especially those related to medical and educational help to underprivileged children. Surekha enjoys reading, music, cooking, interior designing, and event management.

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