For users of real-time market data terminals, Informist news is available exclusively on the NSE Cogencis WorkStation.

This website showcases only a few important stories that Informist publishes and that too on a end-of-day basis. The stories on this website are a very small part of what Informist publishes.

Informist Media publishes, on an average, around 450 one-line headlines (One-Liners, or simply, Liners) and more than 800 stories every day across its three wires – MoneyWire, EquityWire, and CommodityWire. Informist, which was known as Cogencis news, NewsWire18 news, and CRISIL MarketWire in its earlier avatars, is known for cutting-edge real-time coverage of all financial markets and everything that affects these markets or interests participants in these markets.

Informist Media was set up to acquire the news department and operations of Cogencis which was hived off in January 2021 when NSE Data & Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India, bought Cogencis Information Services Ltd.

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