Team Members

Team Members


Manager Technology

Mugeshkumar has been with Informist for over 6 years, showcasing his strong technical skills. Known for his problem-solving abilities and innovative thinking, he consistently delivers quality work. Mugeshkumar values staying informed and learning new things.


Principal Correspondent

Aaryan is a self-professed nerd for almost everything under the sun. He enjoys Wikipedia deep-dives and cultural discourse, along with less esoteric pursuits that include adoring cats and playing video games across platforms. A graduate in Literature from Delhi University, Aaryan did his post-graduation in Business and Financial Journalism at the Asian College of Journalism-Bloomberg programme. He has a little over three years of experience, and currently covers the gilt market after briefly reporting on economic data. Outside of office, Aaryan enjoys dabbling in poetry. You can find him perennially browsing through Twitter – his lens into the darkness of the world, he says.



A former PhD candidate-turned-corporate debt reporter at Informist, Abhinaba blends academic insight with practical financial acumen. He aims to use his research skills through captivating storytelling to demystify finance for all, empower readers, and foster informed decision-making. Hailing from Kolkata, Abhinaba holds a Master’s degree in finance from King’s College, London. During his PhD in the same university, he taught undergraduate and postgraduate students on behalf of TTC Institute, an e-learning provider based in London. As a skilled communicator and presenter, he capitalises on his ability to convey complex financial concepts in a cogent manner.


Principal Copy Editor

Aditya has worked for over 10 years in the media - as a copy editor and sometimes a writer. Born and raised in Thane, Aditya holds Master's degrees in History and International Relations. He reads non-fiction in his spare time and loves to risk correcting the grammar of his wife, a teacher of English. Aditya takes pride in his listening skills, and is happy to give an opinion on something only when asked for one.


Senior Correspondent

Hailing from Kerala, Afra is a graduate in English Literature and loves Vaikom Muhammad Basheer’s writings. Ernest Hemingway and Premchand are other writers that have her heart. At Informist, Afra tracks developments in the agriculture ministry and the commodity markets and exchanges. Afra credits her theatre days for a good posture and communication skills. She admires witty-yet-deep writing, and aspires to pen a book some day.


Senior Data Reporter

Akash loves trekking, discovering new places, exploring the beauty of nature in general, and challenging himself in the arduous climbs on hills and mountains. He aspires to see all the 300 forts of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj before he turns 60. Part of the organisation’s data team, Akash is a proud human parent to two dogs.


Assistant News Editor

Akul has over 15 years of experience in copy editing across newspapers and a financial news wire – with over eight of them in this organisation. He has a Master’s degree in Political Science from Delhi University. Akul is an avid reader and a passionate editor who enjoys working on stories related to financial and political issues. He is a stickler for getting the nuances of grammar right. Akul is based out of New Delhi and loves the serenity of the hills. He enjoys trekking and aspires to explore the mountains of Nepal.



Alina was born in Kochi and grew up in Mumbai. She followed up education at St Xavier's College, Mumbai and Regional Institute of Education, Bhopal with a degree in Journalism from Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam. She believes that true empowerment comes from education and awareness, and thus has set out on a journey to reach out to the masses through journalism. She enjoys movies, long drives and spending time with her pets.



Hailing from Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh, Anjali has done her graduation from Delhi School of Journalism and now covers the commodity markets. She has a keen interest in writing poems and short stories, and has some published work to her credit. She enjoys reading up on mythology and ancient literature and follows writings of Devdutt Pattanaik. Anjali is fond of watching movies and documentaries, and has made a documentary on LGBTQA+. She is keen on dramatics, and was part of a Delhi-based theatre group.



Anjali was born in Patna and grew up in Lucknow. She pursued Journalism from Delhi School of Journalism. Anjali finds solace in music, binges on classic films, and is an avid reader with a penchant for thought-provoking literature. Anjali is a part of Equity team of Informist, and she looks forward to cooking and quiet evenings with a good book during her downtime.


Senior Correspondent

Anjana hails from Kuttanad in Kerala, known for its backwaters, tourism, and agriculture. She has a Master's degree in Econometrics from University of Madras, and studied print journalism before joining this organisation and becoming a part of the Equity team. Youngest of four siblings and an aunt to four tiny-tots, Anjana has learnt the art of patience. Unlike many others of her age, she dislikes chocolates and sweets, and she's not a 'foodie' too. But talk about grabbing a chai and she'll jump at the chance. Anjana is interested in illustrations and digital painting, solo journeys, trekking, and writing. She considers herself to be a good listener too.


Senior Correspondent

Anshul battled engineering during his graduation days, but thanks to an epiphany one day, and then several other days, he decided to become a journalist. His constant struggle to find peace brought him to writing and the guilt of not knowing enough about the world brought him to journalism. He hails from Agra and would happily show you around the city - all expenses paid, no kidding! He covers the equity markets on most days and sometimes, cooks delicious aloo paranthas.



Anupreksha hails from Ajmer in Rajasthan and has done her post-graduate diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, and Bachelor’s in Economics Honours from Rajasthan University. At Informist, she is a part of the MoneyWire and covers gilts and the interbank call money market. She is also passionate about covering international and social news. Anupreksha is well-versed in the Urdu language.


Special Correspondent

Apoorva has over seven years of experience in financial journalism, a field she never thought she would be associated with. While studying print journalism at The Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, the graduate in Humanities was sure that reporting on international relations or political affairs was her game. But as it turned out, she started out as an equity market reporter and fell in love with financial journalism. Apoorva now writes on corporate developments, especially those related to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. She lives in Mumbai with her dog, Stella, and loves cooking, watching cricket, and travelling. Apoorva is fond of reading novels, especially crime thrillers, and aims to study criminal psychology at some point.


Special Correspondent

Hailing from the City of Joy Kolkata, Avishek covers corporate developments, especially those from the coal sector and FMCG. He brings 16 years of experience of writing short and long-format news stories for newspapers, news agency, magazines, and a television news channel. He won the Gold Award in journalism during his stint at CyberMedia and is credited with numerous news breaks for Business Standard. A foodie at heart, Avishek likes to travel and explore India’s cultural diversity and heritage. Passionate about ancient Indian numismatics and archaeology, Avishek has an impressive collection of ancient Indian coins dating back to 400 BC.


Junior Data Reporter

Chaitali has been in the organisation for a year, and she has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Sandesh College of Science, Commerce and Arts, Mumbai. She loves music, dancing, reading, travelling, and watching horror movies.


Senior Data Reporter

Chinmayee is a part of the Informist data team and has around eight years of experience as a data analyst. Chinmayee likes to play badminton and also loves to travel.


Principal Correspondent

Darshan has around six years of experience as a desk writer, sub-editor, social media producer, and reporter across news platforms. He hails from Mumbai and believes it is a city full of opportunities. He has a post graduate diploma in mass communication from SCM, Sophia. Informist is Darshan's first stint with a real-time newswire. Automobile, technology, politics, and stock markets are some beats Darshan likes to be abreast of. He is an avid reader and a movie buff who wants to excel in storytelling, regardless of the medium. The opportunity to learn new things every day and a chance to meet intelligent people is what keeps Darshan in the newsroom.


Principal Copy Editor

Deepshikha has a dual Bachelor’s degree in Science and Journalism and a Master’s in Journalism. She has worked in major financial dailies of the country for nearly 15 years. Though she does not have a formal education in Economics, she has a deep interest in the same, and believes it should be a compulsory subject in schools at least till Class XII. As a copy desk veteran, Deepshikha reflects her commitment to precision, storytelling, and detail.


Associate Administration

Fondly called ‘Nano’ by colleagues, Dnyaneshwar has around 10 years of experience in handling the administration and management of office events. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from YCMOU, Nashik. Married to an admin executive, Dnyaneshwar is based in Diva. He enjoys farming and playing cricket.


Senior Correspondent

A journalist with a couple of years of experience under his belt, Kabir has done his Master's in Journalism from the Delhi School of Journalism. A part of the Money team, he covers the foreign exchange market for Informist. Kabir has worked with Amazon but his job with Reliance Entertainment as a production assistant for the movie 'Vikram Vedha' has to be his favourite role so far. Kabir loves to read and is a fan of Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and he credits his mother, a clinical psychologist, for introducing him to the world of books. He also likes to spend his free time writing poetry and watching SRK movies. Kabir hopes to open and run a dog shelter one day, as his house is running out of space with the canines he has adopted already.


Principal Correspondent

Hailing from coal city Dhanbad in Jharkhand, Krity is part of the Money team and reports on government policy. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in English Journalism from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Jack of all trades, master of pun, Krity prefers listening over talking and she likes meeting new people to hear their unique stories. She is happy doing the same for a living, except here she meets new people to gather new(s) stories specifically. Apart from news breaks, many around Krity also await her rendition of daily zodiac forecasts from newspapers.


Senior Correspondent

She doesn’t tire of explaining the silent ‘K’ in her name. Kshipra wants to be many things - a film superstar, a restaurant-owner, an ice-cream seller... But what she is - is a banking and mutual fund reporter in the Money team at Informist. This Marathi soul has travelled across the country, an ‘army kid’ that she is. Kshipra has been in the media for three years. Prior to this role, she has worked as an assistant producer for a broadcast channel. She is passionate about music, photography, travelling, and theatre. Without much gap in between, you will find her banging out a story, discussing Bollywood, or crying for chai.



Adhiinthran covers the fixed income market at Informist. Having lived in Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai, he has a good grasp over most South Indian languages as well as Hindi. Adhiinthran has a keen interest in photography.


Junior Data Reporter

Madhuri joined the organisation two years ago. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Gurukul College of Commerce, and she loves to read books and travel.


Associate, Finance & Accounts

Mahesh brings nine years of experience in accounts and financial management. He is proficient in financial reporting, reconciliations, and data analysis. Beyond work hours, Mahesh likes to play outdoor games and travel to new places. He also actively participates in social activities organised for the welfare of society.


Principal Copy Editor

Maheswaran brings over 16 years of experience in print, television and a financial news wire. An alumnus of IIMC, New Delhi, Maheswaran has worked both as a reporter and a copy editor. He was part of the founding team of Bloomberg's television operations in India and has also worked as a journalist in West Asia. Hailing from Kerala, Maheswaran is a football fanatic and an avid supporter of Manchester United. He also loves cricket, tennis, travelling and is a self-proclaimed whisky connoisseur.


Senior Copy Editor

Manisha has a post-graduate diploma in English Journalism from IIMC and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting and Finance. Before joining Copy Desk team at Informist, Manisha worked as a senior sub-editor in Business Standard newspaper in New Delhi. Good design grabs her eyeballs. Her stylus is her magic wand.


Junior Data Reporter

Mansi has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University and has been in the organisation for two years. She loves to travel and learn new things.


Principal Data Reporter

Mayur Nijap is a graduate in Commerce from Mumbai University. He has been with the organisation since 2013. Creative pursuits bring joy to Mayur, and he has a deep interest in art and craft – from creations with coconut shell and wood to making portraits and sketches in charcoal and colour pencils. He wishes to pursue these interests even as he aspires to be a fine financial analyst.


Executive, Technology

With a Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Mubashir transitioned from a design engineer to executive, technology, at Informist. Mubashir finds solace in the balance of tech and recreation and he’s passionate about cycling, walking, and swimming. A sci-fi aficionado, he currently navigates the realms of servers, databases, and IT infrastructure, aspiring to evolve into a good software developer.


Principal Copy Editor

Namrata has been an editor and rewriter on the news desk for various organisations for over 15 years. She joined Informist from Business Today, where she handled the production of the fortnightly business magazine. Prior to that, she has worked with Financial Express, Mint and Deccan Chronicle. At Informist, she edits long- and short-format stories to make them coherent and impactful. Namrata has a postgraduate diploma in English journalism from IIMC, Dhenkanal. Born and brought up in Meerut, Namrata loves to eat, read and sleep. When not deliberating over headlines, she loves to read to her little boy. Her dream is to read as many books as she can in this lifetime.


Special Correspondent

A graduate in Commerce from Osmania University, Krishna has over 25 years of experience in journalism. Based in Hyderabad, Krishna covers top developments in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, with a focus on pharma, cement, metals and infrastructure sectors. He is happiest breaking news, and derives great satisfaction from a plate of Hyderabadi dum biryani and a cup of Irani chai.



Hyderabad girl, Navya holds a post-graduate diploma in Multimedia Journalism and a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Computer Applications. She is a part of Commodity team in Mumbai and covers the grains market. She aspires to cover the broader rural economy. In sync with her name ‘Sruthi’, she is passionate about music and finds solace in it during stressful times. Navya has pursued a diploma in Carnatic music. She takes delight in cooking traditional Telugu cuisine and also exploring various global culinary delights. And like any proud Hyderabadi, she is very fond of biryani.


Senior Correspondent

Nishat hails from a small village on the outskirts of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, and she is often heard animatedly speaking about her village and its interesting people. Growing up, Nishat was amazed by the world of news and its possibilities. She did her post-graduation diploma in English Journalism from IIMC, Delhi. Nishat looks forward to showcasing her skills in storytelling while focusing on what goes on behind the curtains. Having debuted as a journalist in the Money markets team of Informist one-and-a half-years ago, it’s the interconnection of all economic players that excites Nishat. Nishat believes in dramatic flair. In her college days, she actively participated in theatre. Even now, all she needs is an audience to waltz into a monologue even as she awaits an opportunity to go on stage. In her leisure time, she likes to think about how language and etymology can reflect different cultural roots. Perhaps the subject of a PhD some day?



A law graduate from SNDT University with a Master’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University, Nivedita joined the organisation as a data analyst and is now a correspondent. She is a part of the team that monitors stock exchange notices and corporate releases, and disseminates the news in real time. Nivedita loves to cook a variety of dishes and chills over dancing to Bollywood beats or a game of badminton.



Noel is an equity markets reporter at Informist. Hailing from Kerala, he completed his Bachelor's in English Literature from BPC College in Ernakulam district and a Master’s in Media and Communications from Christ University, Bengaluru. He's a district-level prize winning cartoonist, a kickboxing trainer, a guitarist, a certified meditation trainer, and a skater. He's a curious individual with an aptitude to learn things that excite him.



Owais has a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and specialises in Windows and Linux System Administration. He has over four years of experience, with an expertise in implementing security measures, troubleshooting complex issues, and delivering strong technical support. Owais is passionate about travel, literature, and motorcycle rides.

Pankaj Aher

CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Pankaj is a journalist-turned-entrepreneur who is now again a full-time, hands-on journalist; a big change from being nominally in charge for a few years while focussing on building NewsWire18 and Cogencis as the CEO. A news junkie, he is curious about everything. Pankaj loves reading, travel, meeting people, farming, though not necessarily in that order. Had he not been a journalist, Pankaj would have been a teacher, a lawyer, or an advertising professional. Pankaj has a Master’s in Political Science from the Bombay University.



Pooja has a Bachelor’s of Management Studies degree from SK Somaiya College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mumbai. In this organisation, Pooja had started her career as a data analyst and is now a part of the editorial team that reports on news that comes from the exchanges and companies. Cooking, travelling, dancing, and music are some of Pooja’s interests.


Senior Correspondent

Pradeep Suresh V has around five years of experience in journalism. He has a post-graduate degree in History from Kerala University and a diploma in journalism from the Times School of Journalism. Pradeep enjoys everything about cricket and is a huge fan of Rahul Dravid. He describes himself as foodie and a travel enthusiast, who aspires to travel across Siberia in a train.


Assistant Manager, HR & Admin

Prajnashree hails from Bhubaneswar, and has done her MBA in HR from KIIT University. She seamlessly blends her corporate acumen with the grace of a trained Odissi dancer. With over four years of experience in HR, Prajnashree believes she is not just managing HR, but orchestrating a symphony of talent. She finds joy in cooking and capturing the beauty of nature through photography.


Junior Data Reporter

Pranita has around a year’s experience in this organisation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from NK Vradkar College, Mumbai University. Pranita loves listening to classical music, dancing, trekking, and travelling.


Principal Correspondent

Pratiksha lived her childhood dream when she enrolled as a journalist after a Master’s degree from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication. A part of the Money team, Pratiksha mainly covers the forex market. Delhi-based Pratiksha hails from Allahabad, though the ‘fauji’ kid has lived pretty much all across the country. The true-blue ‘filmi’ Pratiksha is huge fan of SRK and can often be found humming a Bollywood tune. With a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, she also has a deep interest in domestic and global politics. Pratiksha dreams of opening a humble cafe with unlimited chai supply one day.


Principal Correspondent

A lover of Sylvia Plath and Frida Kahlo, Priyasmita hails from a quaint French town called Chandannagore in West Bengal. She grew up with books, loves to tell stories and uses mathematics to figure out life. A blend of these interests drew her to journalism, particularly finance journalism. She debuted as journalist at Informist, and she covers developments related to government policy. While she fails at being fiscally prudent herself, she keeps a keen eye on the government's finances and its policies. Her retirement plans include getting back to Kathak, her first love, and writing a book to become immortal.


Senior Editor, Copy Desk

Rajeev has been a journalist since 1989, proficient in the print and digital environments. He was a part of the team that launched the innovative newspaper DNA in 2005. He later shaped the paper’s digital presence and went on to head the flagship edition in 2011. In between, he launched a newspaper for the youth and later a movies website that went against conventional wisdom that only gossip sells, and went on to add over a million loyal users. Onlooker, The Free Press Journal, Mid-Day, The Sunday Observer and are the other organisations where Rajeev honed his craft. After DNA, he also tried his hand at small business, discovered there was a lot to learn, and went back to school.


Assistant Editor

"Time doesn't exist in the grand scheme of the universes," he says looking up at the skies. This, after having spent 28 years in journalism and four years in financial services. Time must have taken a toll on him! He smiles at this suggestion. Social events of 1992-93 in the then Bombay drove Rajesh to writing voraciously on social and political issues in letters to the editor for various newspapers and magazines. This passion for writing led him to the job of a stock market reporter at Business Standard in 1994. The beginning of his journalistic journey coincided with the start of automated trading system in the country's stock market with the inception of the National Stock Exchange of India. He saw and reported on the advent of automated trading and rolling settlements on the exchanges, the depository system and the equity derivatives products. He witnessed how SEBI’s capital market regulations grew in stature and strength. At Informist, Rajesh tracks SEBI and the Securities Appellate Tribunal as well as stock exchanges. Love for his daughter, a moderate lifestyle, time in the kitchen with vegetables, herbs and fruits, and being out in the nature keeps his soul happy.



Hailing from Trivandrum, Romeo worked as a lawyer before venturing into journalism, and is now a part of Informist’s CommodityWire team. An alumnus of Loyola School, Trivandrum, National Law University, Trichy, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru, and Manorama School of Communication, Kottayam, Romeo is passionate about sports and cinema. He also has a keen interest in politics and human rights issues, and dreams of combining his knowledge of law and journalism to make a positive change in the society.



Sachi, who has done her graduation from Mithibai College of Mumbai, covers the corporate bond and short-term debt markets for Informist. She loves to anchor events and take part in debates. She looks forward to travelling and exploring new places.


Consulting Editor

After reporting macroeconomic data and fiscal policy from Delhi for over three decades, Saji has opted for the tranquillity of God’s Own Country. He was a part of the founding team of CRISIL MarketWire and NewsWire18, India’s first financial market data terminal that later was renamed Cogencis Information Services. Saji headed government and macro-economy coverage from Delhi for CRISIL MarketWire, NewsWire18, Cogencis and Informist Media. He was also a part of Bridge News. Prior to that, Saji headed the corporate bureau of the Press Trust of India, the country’s largest news agency. Saji has a Masters in Economics from Mahatma Gandhi University in Kerala. He is currently a Consulting Editor with Informist Media. Saji spends his free time watching movies, reading non-fiction, graphic novels, and doing sudoku.


Senior Correspondent

Sandeep brings around 17 years of experience in writing and copy editing for various platforms - from a legal process outsourcing firm to a financial news website, and a financial news wire. He has done his Bachelor’s in Commerce from Mumbai University. Sandeep joined Informist in 2021 and he closely tracks the global equity and commodity markets and also keeps a sharp eye on political development in India and overseas. Based in Mumbai, Sandeep enjoys reading newspapers and watching sports. He aspires to become an entrepreneur one day.


Principal Data Reporter

Sandip has completed his Bachelor’s in Commerce from Jai Bharat College of Commerce, Mumbai. He brings about a decade’s experience as a data analyst. His hobbies include playing cricket, travelling, trekking and cooking.


Assistant Manager - Finance & Accounts

Sarita has around 10 years of experience in handling accounts and finance, eight of them in this organisation. She has a Master’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. She brings strong problem-solving abilities and has a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement in financial procedures. Sarita enjoys listening to music and loves to spend time with her family.


Principal Correspondent

Quiet and sometimes funny, Sayantan has about three years of experience in covering the commodity markets, especially crude oil. Born in the 'City of Joy' Kolkata, he has a post-graduate degree in print journalism from the IIJNM, Bengaluru. Sayantan is fond of writing, and admits he tries to emulate great writers in his stories. Sayantan is an avid follower of football, Formula-1, and tennis. He is also an Anime fan and also loves to try his hand at new recipes. A self-proclaimed 'environmentalist', Sayantan aspires to live in a manor in a quiet district of West Bengal after his retirement.


Junior Data Reporter

Shaheed has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from M.V.M College of Commerce and Science, and had joined this organisation two years ago. Shaheed loves to travel and play cricket and carrom.


Special Correspondent

Shahid brings an experience of 35 years, having worked with top newspapers, magazines, websites, and news agencies. Covering political news is his forte and he has been witness to and has reported on landmark developments over the decades. Among his many distinctions as a political reporter, are his interviews of two prime ministers while they were in office. Shahid has been with Informist for over 18 years, and now in his role as a consultant in the Money team, he closely monitors developments in Parliament and has played a key role in the coverage of the government’s annual Budget and the Economic Survey. Shahid hails from Allahabad and is an alumnus of St Xavier's College, Kolkata.


Executive - Technology

Shashidhar Jha hails from Bihar and holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Applications. He has over eight years of expertise in the field of IT infrastructure and network support, of which he has spent six years in this organisation. Beyond technology, Shashidhar enjoys sketching and is passionate about cricket, having played for the state of Jharkhand. He also loves to watch movies to unwind.


Principal Correspondent

Shiladitya joined the Informist Equity team a year ago after an eight-year stint with The Times of India. He now covers real estate, capital goods, metals, and infrastructure sectors. Shiladitya looks to resume his childhood passions of quizzing, a lot of reading, and hunting down stamp and coin collectors to add to his collection. These days, one can often find him trying to convince people that ESG is indeed a long con and that there is much greenwashing around. Shiladitya lives in Mumbai with his wife, who is a management consultant.


Assistant Manager

Shivaji has around seven years of experience in data analysis. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Raja Shivchhatrapati Arts and Commerce College, Kolhapur. Shivaji loves trekking, going on long journeys, and exploring new places of natural beauty. He is passionate about cricket and football and his other interests include reading books and watching documentaries.


Principal Correspondent

Originally from the terrains of Himachal Pradesh, Shubham now lives in Delhi and holds a post-graduate diploma in journalism from IIMC. Informist is his first stint as a journalist and as part of the Money team, he covers everything macro--from government's finances to the health of the Indian economy. Shubham likes to call himself a critic of monetary policy. In his free time, he likes to read, sleep and scroll through food delivery apps. While he enjoys Delhi, his heart aches for his home town, Kangra. Shubham is also great with cafe and food recommendations, but struggles to order his lunch every day.


Junior Data Reporter

Siddhesh has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from YCOU, Thane, and joined the organisation six months ago. He loves to play cricket and kabbadi and enjoys adventures. He likes to read historical books and visit heritage sites. Siddhesh also finds joy in repairing electrical equipment, and has done a course on it.



Siddhi has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature and a post-graduate diploma from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media. Prior to her current role of a bond market reporter at Informist, Siddhi had worked as a content writer and a social media manager.


Junior Data Reporter

Sonali has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mumbai University. She enjoys a game of badminton and kho-kho.



Sourabh has done his post-graduate diploma in Journalism from the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bengaluru, and has a Bachelor’s degree, with a major in Political Science from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. At Informist, Sourabh covers the forex market. He is passionate about international relations and technology.


Principal Correspondent

Subhana has about four years of experience in business journalism and currently covers the corporate bond market. Based in Mumbai, Subhana has a post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism from IIJNM, Bengaluru. She enjoys writing stories across the business spectrum, from macroeconomic issues and monetary policy to corporate news and personal finance. Subhana is passionate about literature, gender studies, and foreign affairs, and she aspires to pursue her education in political science and international relations. An only child in a nuclear family, Subhana is an animal lover with four Persian cats as her pets.


Special Correspondent

Sunil started his journey in business journalism in 1995, as a trainee copy editor with a leading pink paper in Ahmedabad. Since then, he has worked in various cities for top news organisations and platforms – newspapers, global wire services and television channels. He has also had a stint in the corporate world, working for a strategic communications consulting firm. This diverse experience has given Sunil a peep into the functioning of top newsmakers from various sectors. Based in Ahmedabad, Sunil has been associated with Informist for nearly four years, and he tracks corporate developments from the state. A cheerful smile makes Sunil’s day and he likes to relax with music.


Principal Correspondent

Surya hails from Lucknow, the City of Nawabs, and has a postgraduate diploma in broadcast journalism from IIJNM, Bengaluru. A Computer Science graduate from Delhi University, Surya is studying law and has been covering the courts for two years. Surya loves dramatics and poetry, and he’s a natural with the mic. This former district-level cricketer shares his birthday with his namesake cricketer Sanath Jaya‘suriya’. Surya can challenge you with a 10-minute plank and follow it up with a huge platter of chhole-bhature.


Junior Data Reporter

Swapnil joined this organisation six months ago. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Vikas College, Mumbai University. He loves dancing and travelling.


Principal Copy Editor

Tanima brings over a decade of experience on copy desks of various media organisations. An “intentional” journalist, she grew up in Bokaro, Jharkhand, and is a graduate in English Literature from Delhi University, and a post-graduate from Indian Institute of Mass Communication. A news junkie, Tanima particularly enjoys working on stories related to politics and the macroeconomy. A bibliophile, Tanima enjoys reading mystery and graphic novels. She is trained classical dancer and also blogs on food. Based in Delhi, Tanima lives with her cat, and hopes to watch a Wimbledon final at the Centre Court one day.



Taniva, who hails from Siliguri in West Bengal, always wanted to be journalist. She has done her graduation in Journalism, Literature and Psychology from Bangalore University and has a diploma in Multimedia Journalism from Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bengaluru. Taniva, who covers the commodities space at Informist, enjoys reading fiction and traveling and also loves to watch movies. Playing badminton and occasional sketching are her other hobbies.



Vaishali, a foreign exchange reporter at Informist, hails from Delhi. She has a Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Journalism from the University of Delhi. Vaishali is passionate about the world of business and its intricacies. She loves to engage in conversations on issues such as geopolitics, cyber-attacks and national security. She has a keen interest in learning languages and has picked up a bit of Bengali and Spanish, apart from the staples. Vaishali is skilled at playing chess. She aspires to become an entrepreneur at some point in life.


Copy Editor

Vidhi has around four years of experience in the media, having worked with The Indian Express and The Hindu before joining Informist. An electronics and communication engineer from SRM University, Vidhi worked with an IT firm for two years. Her interest in news and curiosity to learn new things every day led her to explore journalism and she took up a post-graduate course in print journalism from the Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. Delhi-based Vidhi likes reading, writing, travel and photography. She is passionate about social justice and the environment.



Vijay has a Bachelor’s degree in Management Studies from Mumbai University. He had joined the organisation as an analyst in the Data department, and then moved to Editorial, where he now tracks and disseminates news from the exchanges and companies.


Manager - Technology

Vinit Verma, a Manager in the technology department, has over a decade of experience in managing technology operations in Delhi, having started off with the organisation’s NewsWire18 avatar. Apart from a Bachelor's degree, he is also certified as a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Hailing from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Vinit has a passion for cricket and a keen interest in political developments.


Assistant Vice President

Vinod brings over 20 years of experience, a large part of which has been about playing a key role in data management. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mathematics from Mumbai University. Off work hours, Vinod likes to read, listen to music, and watch movies.


Assistant Manager

Vinodini Yadav has completed her Degree in Bachelors of Commerce from Mumbai University. She likes to explore new places and is interested in making jewellery, painting, and gardening.


Executive, Technology

A key member of tech team in Mumbai, Vishal holds a Master's degree in Information Technology. He dreams of becoming a skilled UI/UX developer. Beyond the tech world, he enjoys running and swimming.


Content Analyst

Delhi based Vivek is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, and along with his job, he is also pursuing a part-time MBA programme. Vivek’s responsibilities include closely tracking updates from the government, regulators, including the Reserve Bank of India, and other sources. He hails from Bihar but has been brought up in Mumbai and Delhi. Vivek has a keen interest in sports, music and travel.


Assistant Manager

Yogesh has about seven years of experience in data analysis in the organisation. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Rajiv Gandhi College, Mumbai University. Yogesh loves playing cricket.

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