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About Us

Informist Media – The Journey


Who We Are

Informist Media is the new name of a 22-year old news service. Cogencis, NewsWire18, CRISIL MarketWire, these are all earlier avatars of the news service that is now known as Informist. The news service traces its roots to the BridgeNews, a part of Bridge Inc., then the second-largest real-time market data terminal company in the world.

The news service has been at the core of the development, evolution, and growth of India’s first real-time market data terminal company – NewsWire18 – and it continues to power that business even today when it is known as Cogencis and is under the ownership of NSE.

The news service started as CRISIL MarketWire, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the ratings agency CRISIL in October 2001. As CRISIL MarketWire, the news service powered the Moneyline Telerate terminal, which back then was the only real competitor to Reuters in India. In 2006, CRISIL sold the CRISIL MarketWire business to the media powerhouse TV18, which relaunched it as NewsWire18 and created India’s first real-time market data terminal company. In 2012, TV18 sold NewsWire18 to Samara Capital, after which the company was renamed Cogencis Information Services.

In January 2021, NSE Data & Analytics, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the National Stock Exchange of India, bought Cogencis Information Services at which point the news service was hived-off and became Informist Media.

Informist Media publishes the Informist MoneyWire, the Informist EquityWire, and the Informist CommodityWire each designed to cater to the information needs of demanding professionals in these markets. Informist publishes around 450 one-liners and more than 800 stories every day across these three wires.

The Informist team of around 100 full-time journalists covers everything that matters to the financial world – financial markets, the macro-economy, policy-making, government and its working and the budget, Parliament, regulators, the corporate sector, commodities, the monsoon, agriculture, banking, central banking, the intersection of economics and politics, literally everything that matters to financial market participants and decision makers.

Today, Informist Media continues to power the NSE Cogencis WorkStation as it is now called. Through the NSE Cogencis WorkStation, Informist reaches the Who’s Who of the financial world in India. Informist news reaches all scheduled banks, almost all asset management companies and insurance companies, several large broking firms, regulators such as the RBI, the Ministry of Finance, Government of India, and more than 150 of the top NSE 500 companies in India all of which use the NSE Cogencis WorkStation. Informist has served most if its customers for more than 20 years, through its various avatars and ownership and name changes.

NSE Cogencis is the largest provider of real-time market data terminals in the fixed income market in India and is the second largest provider in the foreign exchange and equities markets. It competes directly with Bloomberg and Refinitiv.

Informist not only serves the most premium clientele in India, as the first and best real-time financial news service in the country it covers what matters like no other news organisation. The breadth and depth of coverage that Informist provides is truly unmatched. Apart from the breadth and depth of coverage that Informist provides, there is one more reason why readers continue to rely on it across decades and generations - they trust it.

What we publish

Informist publishes the MoneyWire, the EquityWire, and the CommodityWire.


Informist MoneyWire: This is the flagship product of Informist Media and is the news service of choice for most professionals in the fixed income and foreign exchange markets. This news service produces cutting-edge and real-time coverage of the government bond market, the foreign exchange market, and the corporate bond market, not to mention the inter-bank call money market and the market for short-term debt such as commercial papers and certificates of deposit, as also the stock market. This includes multiple intra-day updates of what is happening in these markets, why is it happening, what market participants are talking about, and what is expected to happen next.

The wire covers the Reserve Bank of India in great detail as also the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. It brings to you all policy-making news as well as the economics and politics behind these moves.  It covers the Securities and Exchange Board of India and the Securities Appellate Tribunal. It also covers all other regulatory, quasi-regulatory, and statutory bodies, the Supreme Court, key high courts, and various tribunals including the NCLT and the NCLAT as also all industry associations.

The wire covers all macro-economic data releases. The coverage, as is the Informist style, is quite comprehensive. An Informist Poll tells you what the market expects the macro-economic indicator to be, multiple one-line headlines (Liners, as we call them internally) do a thorough job of detailing the actual data when it is released, a comprehensive story will give the full picture, and then a Focus will tell you what the data means – for the economy, policy-making, and markets.  The wire covers all other important events that could possibly have a bearing on the markets ranging from conferences to the pandemic.

The wire also offers corporate coverage of the top NSE Nifty 50 companies including their earnings, operations, fund-raising, corporate actions, product launches, mergers & acquisitions, press conferences, and exchange and regulatory disclosures.

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